On-site Training

Flexible & hassle-free

Take courses from anywhere you preferred to suit your needs without the hassle of travelling.

How does it work?

Find the course you’re interested in
You can check available courses in your city.

Pick the date to take the course
Fill up the form and select your preferred dates.

We come to you and deliver the course
Enjoy the class at your location.


What’s difference between in-person class and on-site training?

In-person class is the training that we provide the physical venue with full teaching facilities to deliver the course. All you need to do is to come to the venue.

On-site training, on the other hand, we’ll come to you and deliver the course to suit your needs without the hassle of travelling.

Will be the material for in-person classes and on-site training the same?

All course content and material will be the same.

How much for the on-site training?

It will be the same as the course in the same location.
For example, the cost of on-site training for Tableau 101 in Melbourne will be the same as the in-person class of Tableau 101 in Melbourne.

How many students can be for on-site training?

There is no maximum but, in general, lower than 15 students is the appropriate number to ensure that all participants to be engaged and time for the interaction with the lecturer(s).

Will I have to pay for the software?

All Tableau courses will be using the free software Tableau Public. If you hold the Tableau Desktop licence, it is welcome to use in the training since it’s capable of the course material.

Should I have coding knowledge?

No, not at all.
Tableau is an easy-to-use data visualisation software, no coding is required.

Can I take the course for corporate training?

We can conduct corporate training on-site or in a classroom for an individual or a team. Our billing system can be tailored to your requirements.

Please contact us for more details.