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Standcourse provides comprehensive quality data analytics courses for in-person classes and on-site hassle-free training in Australia.

Data Science

As the sexiest job in the 21st century, we help you to discover this multi-disciplinary field which can be extremely useful for most businesses to solve complex problems.

Business Intelligence

Want to become more agile to see the new insight into your business? Business intelligence is the foundation and the winning edge of any business competition.

Our Philosophy of Teaching.


Courses are designed to be business-oriented with clear career outcome to be useful in the real workplace.

Teach step-by-step

All courses consist of step-by-step guides for all levels of students. You’ll never behind and be able to review the detailed instructions if you forget.

Genuine understanding

You’ll learn the untold rationale behind every piece of knowledge and practise it for the real business situations in the classes.

Your Questions Answered.

We value your learning experience to be face-to-face. All courses are offered both in-person and on-site. You can choose either a physical classroom or on-site training to suit your schedule.

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Satisfaction Matters.

I can’t believe how good the result is. The certifcate helps me to get the dream job I wished for a long time. THANK YOU SO MUCH 🙂


Marcus Badland


It’s really great to enrol one of the bi courses. I like it, it’s really detailed and precise in teaching!


Elise Checkley


Straightforward content and real step by step instructions. Real people and real interaction. Love it, you should try their courses!


Marion Cowley

Data scientist

My job becomes faster and easier after the Tableau accelerated course. It used to take me half day to solve the issue. The course provided me all references and frameworks that I need for work.


Paul Anderson

General manager

It’s almost like having a good analyst right beside me. I chose the right training here at Standcourse. Highly recommended.


Amy Parkyn


My new data pipline has become more reliable and efficient. Good course Python ML. Thank you staffs at Standcourse.


Brandon Lee

Data scientist

Any fool can know. The point is to understand.

Albert Einstein